CONCIERGE KEY retains the world’s most elite physician specialists to deliver in-person, on-demand appointments for patients.

Physicians selected for membership receive monthly recurring income for providing on-demand access to subscribers.

For physicians, CONCIERGE KEY provides a new opportunity to decrease dependency on third-party insurance reimbursement and referrals, while challenging you to upgrade the healthcare experience for patients.

Interested physicians may join in one of two ways:

Submit proof (annually) that you have submitted a peer-reviewed journal article in a medical journal within the past year.


Become a member of World Physicians Organization, a physician leadership and accreditation society for faculty members and high influencers across medical fields.


Our Aspiration

Robert E Grant, Founder & CEO

Robert E Grant, Founder & CEO


The healthcare experience is inconvenient, impersonal, unpleasant, and bureaucratic – for all in the process. Patients often have to block off half a day only to spend seven minutes with their doctor. Many patients comment that going to the doctor feels like going to the DMV.

When was the last time a patient was told “thank you for being our patient”?

Sensing a critical need to transform the patient experience in healthcare, Robert E. Grant founded CONCIERGE KEY in 2017 in partnership with elite physician leaders.

Our vision is to redefine the patient experience in healthcare by challenging elite physicians to deliver an on-demand concierge service to our members.


Decrease dependency on third-party insurance referrals.

Inbound appointment requests from CONCIERGE KEY members can help you decrease your reliance on referrals from third-party insurance.

Receive a concierge experience-driven monthly retainer.

By adhering to certain performance standards, you are eligible to receive a patient experience-driven monthly retainer.

Be part of a movement challenging you to transform the healthcare experience for CONCIERGE KEY members.

You can lead the charge in developing a renewed sense of customer service in the healthcare industry.


CONCIERGE KEY was created to deliver a personalized and on-demand experience for our membership across the healthcare spectrum.
— CEO, Robert E Grant