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CONCIERGE KEY Health is the world’s first mobile app for on-demand access to elite doctors and care facilities. Unlike other healthcare apps that provide access to a variety of doctors across the nation, CONCIERGE KEY Health provides access to only the top-ranked, elite, faculty-level specialist doctors in the nation, vetted and qualified by their peers. In addition, patients are provided with their own team of elite specialists.

CONCIERGE KEY Health is the world’s first mobile app for on-demand access to elite doctors and care facilities. With CONCIERGE KEY Health, waiting weeks or months to see your doctor is a thing of the past. CONCIERGE KEY Health provides patients with on-demand access to elite, faculty-level doctors vetted and qualified by their peers. Patients simply download the app, join on an annual membership subscription for themselves and their family, and then start booking on-demand. Patients are assigned to their own unique team of elite specialists in the city they sign up in. When they’re in need of a specialist visit, they simply view their specialists’ schedule and select a two-hour time block to visit the office. When the patient visits at any time during that block of time, they simply become the next patient in line seen by the physician and are “fitted” into the physician’s daily schedule, avoiding long waits both to get in to see the physician as well as avoiding the long wait to see them once they arrive. Patients can get back to their normal life in no-time with less hassle.

CONCIERGE KEY Health purposefully does not provide access to all doctors. Our service provides access to only the top-ranked, elite, faculty-level specialist doctors, vetted and qualified by their peers. To schedule an appointment with a CONCIERGE KEY Health doctor, simply download the app, subscribe to an annual membership, then start booking!

CONCIERGE KEY Health is currently available on Apple devices. We are scheduled to release an Android version of the app in early-mid 2018. To sign up as a new patient, visit to sign up and download the app.

To see if CONCIERGE KEY Health is available in your area, you can “Search for Availability” above under the “LOCATE CONCIERGE KEY NEAR ME” section. Just enter your zip code. If your city has not yet launched, you are eligible to participate in complimentary PRACTICE ALPHA testing with an available CONCIERGE KEY Health specialist, and receive up to $300 credit towards your annual membership. During PRACTICE ALPHA, patients are able to trial the app with 1 KEY Physician of their choice, available in their city. If your city has already launched, Beta testing in that city has concluded, and regular memberships are available.

As stated previously, CONCIERGE KEY Health is not a healthcare service or provider. We simply provide access for patients to see elite doctors and care facilities. When you purchase an annual membership, CONCIERGE KEY Health takes a portion of that payment and we pay your doctor directly. The office visit payment is handled the same way it would be handled with or without our app. Patients can utilize their insurance or pay out of pocket for their office visit, depending on what their physician offers and what is in network. Like always, if you will not be paying out of pocket for your visit, it is important that prior to your visit you confirm your payment information with the office you will be visiting to ensure your insurance is accepted by that provider.

A CONCIERGE KEY Health annual membership is $3000 for individuals and $5000 for families of one individual, one partner, and up to three others.

Unlike the normal check-in process of signing-in on a clipboard, filling out redundant paperwork, and waiting in long lines until you can see the doctor, CONCIERGE KEY Health has simplified this process. With CONCIERGE KEY, not only do you avoid waiting weeks to see a top specialist, but the check-in process is designed to be much simpler – with less redundant paperwork and waiting in long lines to see the doctor. Just walk in, select “Office Check-In” in your app, then scan the QR code located on the kiosk in the doctor’s waiting room. Once scanned, the office staff and doctor will be notified of your arrival immediately, and you will be escorted back to an exam room once available.

CONCIERGE KEY Health is currently available on Apple devices. We are scheduled to release an Android version of the app in early-mid 2018. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able sign-in in one of two ways: 1. Open your CONCIERGE KEY Health app, and select Sign-in, OR 2. Visit to sign-in to your Portal where you can Add Family Members, View Your Credits, and send invites to patients and physicians, which you can also view through the app.

On the dashboard of the app, select “On-Demand Appointments” to view your upcoming appointments with your CONCIERGE KEY Health specialists.

To cancel your appointment, select the “Appointments” tab at the footer of the app, then locate the appointment time you would like to cancel, and select “Cancel.” This will notify the office staff that you have canceled your appointment. To reschedule, follow the same steps, and then select “Make an Appointment,” select the physician you’d like to see, then the 2-hour time window you would like to come in between.

To reset your password, open your CONCIERGE KEY Health app, logout, then select “Forgot your password?” From there, enter the email address associated with your account, and you will receive an email to reset your password. Make sure you check your spam in case our email ended up there due to the no-reply address.

To change your password, open your CONCIERGE KEY Health app, select the Account tab at the footer of the app, then select Password. Here, you can change your password.

To change the name on your account, open your CONCIERGE KEY Health app, select Medical Profile then Personal Details. Under Personal Details, you can edit personal details, including your name, date of birth, and address.

Currently the CONCIERGE KEY Health app is only available in the US in English. We will expand to other languages and countries in the near future.

CONCIERGE KEY Health is a HIPAA compliant, secure, encrypted service. When patients elect to use the app, they opt out of HIPAA for compliance reasons. Only doctors you have scheduled appointments with are able to view your self-reported medical history in-app in preparation for an upcoming appointment. Check out our Privacy Policy as well as Terms of Use, located in the footer of our website for more information.

Upon signing up for a membership with CONCIERGE KEY Health, you will be assigned a unique team of elite specialty physicians. In the case that you are traveling for work or pleasure, you may also search outside of your city to see elite specialists outside of your area.

To view past appointments in the app, select “On-Demand Appointment,” then view “History.”

Although not common, sometimes emergent procedures come up depending on a doctor’s specialty. If a doctor cancels or changes an appointment, you will be notified in the app immediately and prompted to reschedule.

Our service was built so you don’t have to book appointments over the phone! If you’re having trouble, feel free to reach out to your healthcare provider directly and they will be happy to help you book an appointment within the app. If you’re still experiencing issues, you are always welcomed to call us during normal business hours at 9492601700 or send us a quick message.

Each year, your membership will auto-renew, unless otherwise specified. To adjust your auto-renew, you may do so within the app under Account any time prior to your anniversary date.