CONCIERGE KEY is an app-based service that provides consumers access to elite, peer-vetted physician specialists across multiple specialties on-demand, allowing you to choose from a wide variety of specialists and see them quickly and according to your schedule.

How does CONCIERGE KEY provide a better experience for me?

With the CONCIERGE KEY mobile app, patient subscribers are able to access elite physicians when they want, on-demand, when scheduling a doctor's appointment. No medical history clipboards. No waiting.

Your family deserves it, and your time demands it.

How much does CONCIERGE KEY cost?

$3,000 annually for an individual.

$5,000 annually for a family (includes the individual subscriber, a spouse, and up to three children).

Does CONCIERGE KEY provide a designated health service?

We are not a designated health service. CONCIERGE KEY provides only access to a group of physicians.

Do I need to pay for my health care visit?

You will continue to pay as normal when visiting the doctor, either through insurance, or using cash. Physician’s profiles will list the insurance accepted by that physician.

Can I use insurance?

Yes, you can continue to use your insurance if the physician you choose to visit accepts it. Physician’s profiles will list the insurance accepted by that physician.

Who are the physicians available on CONCIERGE KEY?

The CONCIERGE KEY network consists of elite physicians vetted by World Physicians Organization. Physicians available on CONCIERGE KEY are vetted by their peers, and must be board-certified and be a member of the faculty of a national medical society. Peer-vetting of our physicians ensures quality.

 When will CONCIERGE KEY be available for use?

CONCIERGE KEY is available in January 2018.