Doctors members simply select two-hour time blocks during their consultation days. Member viewing a doctors’s schedule can then select a time block to visit the office. When the member visits during that block of time, they simply become the next member in line seen by the doctor and are “fitted” into the doctor’s daily schedule.

To be considered, Doctor applicants must be board-certified within their practicing specialty.* It is also highly recommended that applicants list any recent history of publications in peer-reviewed medical journals. All applications will be vetted by our Executive Medical Board of Doctor members.

To apply, Doctor will submit their application online. There is a $2000 Annual Membership Fee to join, which automatically grants membership to Concierge Key Health, LLC as well as World Doctor Organization, LLC upon acceptance by the Executive Medical Board. Membership is automatically renewed each year and members need not re-apply annually. As an additional benefit, annual membership includes a complimentary CKH ‘On-Demand’ family membership (valued at $5K per year) as well as other exclusive membership benefits and preferential access afforded to its membership.

If you are affiliated with a teaching institution and/or on staff at a medical school, you have the option of applying solely to Concierge Key Health, with an Annual Membership Fee of $500. If a member solely of Concierge Key Health, LLC, members are required to re-apply annually to validate their faculty-level requirement continues to be met. Additionally, these members are NOT entitled to take part in the complimentary CKH ‘On-Demand’ family membership (valued at $5K per year) as well as the other exclusive membership benefits of being apart of World Doctors Organization.


*NOTE: Board-certification is not required for the following fields: Primary Care and General Dentistry.

  • Doctor member fills out profile on app
  • Doctor / Designated Staff members watch a short training video and successfully complete a brief quality control quiz
  • Doctor / Designated Staff member selects time-blocks in the mobile app for on-demand visits during designated times
  • Download the patient’s medical history and insurance information (already embedded in the member profile in the mobile app) prior to the member’s visit (member does not fill out a clipboard or provide insurance information upon arrival to the physician’s office)
  • Staff member greets the member by name upon kiosk QR code check-in, and is escorted discreetly to an exam room to await the Doctor member as the next member in line for a consult
  • Doctor greets the member by name and politely conducts an on-demand 10 minute consultation with member
  • Doctor / staff bill insurance or member directly for cash payment for their designated health services provided
  • Doctor schedules next appointment for surgery or further follow-up outside of the mobile application
  • As each on-demand consultation will receive a rating of the overall experience by member, Doctor / Designated staff are expected to work to maximize the experience of patient members and their resultant score

Most concierge medicine services get into the actual practice of providing healthcare services (“designated healthcare service”). We at Concierge Key Health only provide “on-demand access” to participating doctors, not the healthcare service itself. Therefore, we DO NOT participate in billing for consultations or such health services.  Additionally, many doctors providing concierge medicine services turn their entire practice into a concierge medicine practice, which often involves joining a concierge practice group, opting out of Medicare, and/or shedding members from their patient rolls, resulting in immediate risk of loss of practice revenue.  While Concierge Key Health excludes Medicare beneficiaries, doctor members are NOT REQUIRED to alter their normal practice of medicine or opt-out of Medicare beneficiaries or even alter their daily appointments other than to accommodate brief (10 minute) on-demand consultations.

No. Primary care providers have expressed interest in and have joined Concierge Key Health as a means to augment member introductions to their own practices. Concierge Key Health also gives primary care providers the ability to finally provide on-demand access to specialists and to offer annual physicals and follow-up (Designated Health Services) to new on-demand members visiting their practices.  In a recent survey conducted with over 85 concierge medicine members (with PCPs), approximately 89% responded that they see Concierge Key Health membership as incremental to their current PCP arrangement and would therefore purchase this on top of their annual concierge PCP agreements.

Members receive on-demand access to not just you, but to all members (PCPs and specialists alike) in the Concierge Key Health group.

The program is anticipated to launch to members in January 2018.

Yes. Brief training videos and performance quizzes (that must be completed and passed by both doctor members and designated staff) will be provided on the app to you and your staff.



  • Complete e-training videos & assessments
  • Enroll as many as 100 of your existing members in a complimentary trial (during this phase, members can schedule appointments only with you)
  • Practice achieves a greater than 4 out of 5 star CKH app member rating (average)
  • Practice enrolls a minimum of 30 member
  • Practice completes a minimum of 10 unique CKH member On-Demand visits
  • You personally invite at least two (2) of the following doctors within your city to apply for CKH participation: PCP, Pediatrician, OB/GYN, and Dentist (via the CKH mobile app)
  • Group On-Demand Retainer: Once you have completed the above PRACTICE ALPHA requirements, you will be eligible to receive the Group On-Demand Retainer, equal to $400 per member enrolled nationwide split amongst all participating CKH physicians

CITY LAUNCH Phase Details:

  • AKA “official revenue launch.” Your practice is now eligible to officially launch and participate in the Individual On-Demand Retainer ($600 per member that selects you as their Key Doctor)
  • Doctors that have completed PRACTICE ALPHA requirements advance to CITY LAUNCH once a minimum of 16 doctors across 8 core specialties in your city have successfully completed PRACTICE ALPHA
  • Gives you the ability to enroll as many as 500 members (paying)
  • Members who participated in PRACTICE ALPHA will be issued a $300 credit towards the purchase of an annual CKH membership ($3,000 individual, $5,000 family) provided they purchase a membership within 60 days
  • At this point, you and your staff will benefit from both the Individual On-Demand and the Group On-Demand Retainers:
  • Individual On-Demand Retainer (you): $600 per member that selects you as their Key Physician
  • Individual On-Demand Retainer (your staff): $100 per patient that selects you as their Key Physician split evenly amongst all staff members with a CKH app account
  • Group On-Demand Retainer: $400 per member enrolled nationwide, shared by all doctors that have successfully completed the PRACTICE ALPHA Phase

The Concierge Key Health mobile app includes a Doctor Dashboard which displays performance metrics (ratings and average wait times by patient members) as well as the last month’s Retainer payment (Individual and Group Retainers) amount.  Both the Individual and Group Retainers are paid monthly to your linked bank account for auto-payments.  Each Doctor and Staff Member member is required to complete a W-9 for 1099-related payments to doctors.  Doctor members and Staff Members are NOT considered employees of Concierge Key Health, as their primary occupation is their practice of medicine for providing Designated Health Services.

Initially, for our beta test through December 31, 2017 in participating metropolitan areas, only the iPhone application will be available.  With our national launch we will include both iPhone and Android versions of the mobile app.

No.  Doctor members/Designated Staff will each have access to the mobile app and will schedule “on-demand” time-blocks and receive notifications of member on-demand selections and arrivals accordingly.  Everything required for membership and full participation is on the Concierge Key Health mobile app.

Doctors can start inviting members directly from the Concierge Key Health app once they’ve set up their profile and invited their office staff. In addition to the mobile app, doctors and staff can also invite members from the simple-to-use doctor online portal, located under the SIGN IN/JOIN tab of this website.

You can invite other doctors through the Concierge Key Health mobile app and web portal. For each doctor that applies using your unique invite link, you will receive a $100 credit to your account that can be used toward future annual membership dues.

Doctors positions are limited in each city, and once filled, will be unavailable for additional applicants.  Concierge Key Health will admit approximately 350 in 2017 and an additional 200 doctors across all medical specialties in the United States in 2018, for a total of 550.

We plan on admitting up to 2,000 doctors in the United States over the next several years.

In order to ensure the most optimal care for our members, only the doctor selected by the member can attend to that member. If you are not available, you can instantly update your schedule to show yourself as not available.

You will simply fit in Concierge Key members for a short consult (10 minutes) when they arrive at your practice. This is a common practice among healthcare professionals when doing favors for friends & family or visiting “VIP” members. If you desire to spend more time with the member, you may, if your schedule allows it. Otherwise, you can find another time in your schedule to fit them in for a longer visit.

If surgeries are booked for the morning and the doctor is open for consults in the afternoon, then the doctor can simply mark his/her afternoon time-blocks “open” for on-demand.

No. Concierge Key does not collect anything from any healthcare services provided by the doctor to the member. Concierge Key Health only collects “on-demand” service retainers which are, in part, paid to its doctor members, as passive income.

Of the $1,100 annual provider fee Concierge Key Health charges patients, on behalf of the participating doctors, $400 is split among all physicians with a Concierge Key Health app account based on member’ satisfaction and other scores. Thus, just by being a part of the platform, you can still benefit.

Concierge Key Health can help augment your income as a part-time practitioner, as you will participate in the Group On-Demand Retainer, regardless of how frequently you work. Additionally, you can earn direct income by enrolling member into Concierge Key Health and having them list you as their KeyDoctor in the Concierge Key Health app.

If you are not practicing, unfortunately you cannot participate in Concierge Key Health. However, you may still join the World Doctors Organization (WPO). If interested, please visit

When a member is enrolled, the member selects a “Key Doctor.” At that point, Concierge Key Health charges the member an $1,100 annual provider fee on behalf of the participating doctor and pays $600 of that fee each year to the selected specialist. In addition, $100 of the annual provider fee is split evenly among the participant provider’s staff members that have a Concierge Key Health app account. The remaining $400 is split among doctors with a Concierge Key Health app account based on members’ satisfaction and other scores.

Your practice and city will remain in PRACTICE ALPHA mode until there are a minimum of 8 doctors across 8 key specialties (1 per specialty) in that city according our actuarial/mathematical analysis. By inviting doctors in other specialties to apply to Concierge Key, you can accelerate the launch of Concierge Key Health in your city.  However, even doctor members in non-launched cities and towns WILL PARTICIPATE in the Group On-Demand Retainer of $400 per patient member enrolled nationwide.

There are 8 required specialties, as follows: Cardiology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Hematology/Oncology, OBGYN, Orthopedic Surgery, Ophthalmology, and Urology.

You will be able to invite other doctors from the app and web portal.

As long as there are a minimum number of doctors in your city / geographical area, your city will be able to launch for consumers interested in purchasing a membership. Please sign up today to get started!

No need to worry! Doctor members are able to schedule vacations in advance, which will turn off your availability to members during the time you have selected to be on vacation.

We will provide you with a “business-in-a-box” simple and detailed step-by-step marketing program which will contain all the tools and information you will need to successfully market the “on-demand” service and mobile app to your member. Additionally, to invite member, you will be able to upload a list of your member into the Concierge Key Health web portal, which will send them an automatic invite email inviting them to join Concierge Key Health.

You will provide staff members with individual logins to the mobile app. For each member that selects you as their Key Physician, $100 will be even split among staff members with accounts on the app. Before each member’s visit, staff members will be expected to download and print the members’s insurance and medical information from the member’s mobile app profile to ensure a seamless experience for the member, and make sure Concierge Key members are seen “next” upon arriving to your office.

Yes, the program includes elite dentists! Please apply online under the Doctors tab, then our accrediting organization will review your application.

Yes, your participation is considered a consulting arrangement with Concierge Key Health, similar to other consulting arrangements you may participate in with other healthcare industry groups.  Unless your employment contract states that you are prevented from performing consulting services, there are no limitations to your participation in Concierge Key Health.