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Have you grown accustomed to that flushed, red look you seem to have all the time? Maybe, you figure, it’s just the way your skin is. That might not be the case. You could be suffering from a very common type of skin problem for which there is treatment, and possibly a cure. There is more to most skin problems than just a flushed, red look.

To assist in the recognition of a common skin problem, we will identify and discuss some of those most seen on a regular basis.

Skin Peninsulas

Cause: Sometimes referred to as skin tags, these can appear after weight gain due to the surface of certain skin areas rubbing together, but it can also be genetic.

Symptoms: Look for extra bits of skin (tags) often found in the groin, under breasts, armpits, on the chest, or neck.

Treatment: Best to not go with do-it-yourself cures in this instance because they could scar, burn, or damage the area. A dermatologist can snip that extra skin safely under sterile conditions, leaving just a scab for couple of days.

“Chicken Skin” – Tiny Red or White Dots

Cause: Also known as keratosis pilaris, this mysterious ailment affects up to about 40% of the population at any given time. Thought to be related to hormones, it can worsen during pregnancy, but usually starts around puberty.

Symptoms: Bumps appear around and in hair follicles as a result of overgrown dead skin cells.

Treatment: To prevent clogs, cell turnover is sped up through exfoliating. Glycolic acid pads and other skin peels may be useful, as are some exfoliating creams.

Whiteheads, Blackheads, and Under Skin, Red Breakouts

Cause: Male hormones overpower estrogen levels sending oil glands into overdrive.

Symptoms: Basically, this is referred to as acne.

Treatment: There are a number of OTC and prescription drugs used by doctors today that can help treat the condition. Speak to a dermatologist about any side effects.

Tiny Red Dots

Cause: These benign red dots are hereditary.

Symptoms: Appearing on the stomach, chest, and neck, they are little clusters of capillaries referred to as cherry angioma.

Treatment: Through a doctor, lasers or electric needles may be used. There are also numbing creams that can be applied.

Red, Flushed Skin

Cause: Most often found on light complexioned individuals, the cause is unknown.

Symptoms: Referred to as rosacea, these are broken blood vessels frequently appearing around your cheeks and nose.

Treatment: Always use sunscreen and do your best to stay away from chocolate, spicy foods, and alcohol because they inflame the skin. There are also prescription treatments available.

Brown Patches

Cause: Melanin production is elevated, usually due to estrogen, but can be aggravated by light or the sun.

Symptoms: May be referred to as melasma or “the mask of pregnancy” and appears as brown patches on the skin.

Treatment: Make sure to always use broad spectrum sunscreen that is mineral based with the zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. If you are pregnant, speak to your doctor before using any treatments.

Small Bumps Near and Around Your Eyes

Cause: Certain creams and products cause sweat glands ducts to become enlarged, so little white dots or syringomas pop up.

Symptoms: These are dead skin cell clogs and look a lot like little whiteheads.

Treatment: A doctor can, without causing scarring, extract these with a tiny needle. Don’t do it yourself.

Rough, Dry Areas

Cause: This is a layer of dead, ashy skin and is left when oil glands dry up – frequently as we mature.

Symptoms: This can simply be dry skin related to age or inflamed, scaly patches as with eczema.

Treatment: Exfoliating creams with ammonium lactate sometimes show good results. Eczema can be treated with a prescription or 1% hydrocortisone cream.

Are you experiencing any of the skin problems listed above? Would you like to get a professional opinion and/or a prescription with which to treat your skin ailment? The doctors at Concierge Health can assist you in the diagnosis and treatment of any issues involving your skin. We have dermatologists that specialize in just such problems. Best of all, you can search for doctor and book an appointment right from your laptop. Click here to get started down the path to healthier, more vibrant looking skin.